Sunday, September 27, 2009

there's come a bride..tadadada

My wedding will be on the next 4months, which means i will get married at the age of 22 turning to 23...tapi perangai,ish3 sgtla xsesuai utk brkahwin..pemalas..suka bgn lmbt..raya thn ni jadik ketua ntuk kazen main mercun which i gave lots of idea mcm mana nk jadikkan mercun itu lg bahay
a haha..( e.g- instead of bakar 1 mercun bola,i tied 5 sumbu mercun bola together then bakar, the sound uuuuuu very intresting....mcm nk bergegar kampung haku )

Unlike other couple,i didn't choose a unique date to get married,ni sume family yg tetapkan, after lots of meeting dibuat oleh board of directors..the tribe has spoken the nikah
will be on 29 january 2010, my reception 30 jan 2010 and his reception will be on 31st Jan 2010.. straight 3 hari, mesti longgar lutut aku..

So i've bought few persiapan kahwin, tp baru beli skit2 jel
a at nilai3.. mak aku suka sgtla g tmpat ini..

place where u can buy semua brg kahwin...



i will update soon bout ma kena siap nk balik shah alam..mak dah menjerit ala2 soprano kt luar tuh...huhu renung2kan dan selamat hari raya

Saturday, September 26, 2009

counter oh counter...

when i read other's blog, i found this free counters that will count how many readers have read ur blog.. after 3weeks i started my counter,im so surprised to find that the counter showed 11,916 readers have read my blog!!!! huhu... do i have a stalker? huh2? prasan lg..

for those who have blog and wanted to have this free counters,u can do so by visit this site

Hey hey You you !!!

As i promised, i will update my blog this week, i've b
een busy shopping, making kuih raya, beraya and unfortunately i don't get duit raya this year!!! How sedey..

It's least my dad felt sorry to his daughter and gave me duit raya.. huhu
The reason why i don't get duit raya becoz of this

this pwetty lady(prasannyer) in the picta is me.. no.. im not married, im just engaged on June 09 and will get married on 29 of January 2010

with this man he 'who must not be named' is the ultimate reason why i dont get enough duit raya.. ingat taun ni blh dpt lg huu...the end

Saturday, September 12, 2009

* peace *

it's been ages since i updated my blog.. manyak mau crita.. tp kemalasan dan kepenatan mmbuat kuih raya,xmgizinkan huhuhu.. next week la update

peace out y'all.. huhu