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New Year!!!

Today is 31st dec 2009.. only few hours the year will be changing to 2010... People will start listing their new resolutions.. But for me it's only mean 1 thing.. 29days before i'm getting married!!!!

So I can kiss goodbye to my freedom..hanging out with friends till 3 a.m at kopitiam, say goodbye to futsal (which I really2 love it), cannot cuci2 mata lg.. coz i'm going to have a husband =) , wake up early..cook..

I'm going to live with my in-law for a month or so before we move to my tunang punya rumah lama,which is not occupied or rented to anybody, it's 10 minutes to my parents house and 15 minutes to his... So senang je nk balik 'kampung' kan huhu.. Dekat ngn JJ au2,jln kaki shopping hari2..

Byk nk cerita,tp i don't know where to start.. Okla start with how does everything happened between me and my fiance'

Today, will be 6months since I'm engaged to him... And as for our relationship, it has been 8 years and 8 months...I met him at school.. we went to SMK Aminuddin Baki K.L, little that i know, we also went to the same primary school..but xpenah jumpa n kenal la.. Nasib baik tadika xsama..

I met him when I was in form 2 he was at form 4, my classmate which is also his cousin Ezlin, jumpa dia kt kantin i was there... So he said that was when he start suka saya huhu... But saya xrasa pape pun...Fastforward, dia selalu tunggu balik sekali, sbb rmh dekat, but I don't really like to be friend with boys.. So I will lari xnk balik skali..So kwn jela, he like to ejek my ketinggian yg xbrape tinggi,n ejek mcm2 lgla.. So manala nk tau dia suka kita kn..

So there was 1 time, blk dr skolah, he confessed that he likes me..terkezut beruk sy dibuatnya.. n he asked for my comment.. i answered.. "suka hati la ,nak suka, suka jela" xtau nk jwb apa.. so mlm tu he called n asked to be as a couple.. xtau nk jwb hape.. sbb honestly i don't really have feelings for him (at that time lor).. but I accept him sbb kesian n xtau nk tolak..The date is 28 April 2001 at 11.45 p.m.. ni dia yg ingat.. i dont remember anything hehe...

The 1st year of our relationship sgt2 teruk...semua sbb sy la.. Almost every day mintak break,slh skit je break, dia ajak kluar n i dont want to go, sy mintak break...Xtaula nape.. but i start to like him,getting jealous n everything.. He almost gave up with me (thank god he didn't)..

So mcm tula, he went to matrik penang when im in form 4 and continue his study in medicine at UKM.. He always been a golden boy.. straight A's student from upsr till spm.. 4flat in matrix n one of the best student among his coursemate.. but me?? huhu nothing to be proud of, always been an introvert person.. Now he's working at Hospital Selayang.. Decided to get engaged and married.. he's working so stabil la skit kn.. I'm still studying..

People will be like terkejut when i told them how long we've been together and asked for the tips.. It's nothing seriously, just u have to be honest, loyal, still have feelings to your partner ( for sure).. and for us.. we called each other everyday, knew where he or i go..n etc

That's all about it.. I'm looking forward to my married life.. Pray for the best,and may our marriage last- till death do as apart..

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lagoonnnn day

Well, i finished my exam last tuesday,but stay at hostel to go to meronggeng on wednesday-karaoke at Quality Hotel Shah Alam..n then on Thursday my precious roomate n other coursemate went to sunway lagoon because we can't think any places yg sesuai n dkt dgn s.alam

Gambar-gambar time karaoke xde...kt sunway ajer ade...

faten with the poyo face

roller coaster yg hanya mampu wat kami tersenyum bukan terjerit..

i dont get on this thing..sbb tgh lapar..penat nk jerit nnt hehe

1st time riding an atv...quite thrilling

bungee trampoline..

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1 month... 1 week... 1 day.. to go..before i ended my single life =)

seriously xtau nk rasa apa.. nervous x, tkt x..sgtla xberperasaan...

my home start penuh with all d wedding stuff.. stressla jgk menengoknya..but it's mine so wut to do huhu.. started to give the invitation card.. yg xdpt tu i will tag u once i uploaded the card on facebook..rasa mcm awal lg, 1 month to nnt2 jela upload hokkay...

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Fall in Love

I seriously, demandingly for u guys to listen or watch this video.. I really2 love this song..easily makes my heart melt immediately after i listened to his ne-yo-never knew i needed(ost for princess and the frog).. sesuwei utk mereka yg tgh bercintan-cintun...

the lyric..

Ne-Yo : Never Knew I Needed Lyrics

Songwriters: Harmon, C; Smith, S;

for the way you changed my plans
for being the perfect distraction
for the way you took the idea that i have
of everything that i wanted to have
and made me see there was something missing (oh yeah)

for the ending of my first begin
(ooh yeah yeah)(ooh yeah yeah)
and for the rare and unexpected friend
(ooh yeah yeah)(ooh yeah yeah)
for the way you're something that i never choose
but at the same time something i don't wanna lose
and never wanna be without ever again (oh oh)

you're the best thing i Never Knew I Needed
so when you were here i had no idea
you're the best thing i never knew i needed
so now it's so clear i need you here always

my accidental happily (ever after) (oh oh oh)
the way you smile and how you comfort me (with your laughter)
i must admit you were not a part of my book
but now if you open it up and take a look
you're the beginning and the end of every chapter (oh oh)

you're the best thing i never knew i needed (oh)
so when you were here i had no idea
you're the best thing i never knew i needed (that i needed)
so now it's so clear i need you here always

who'd knew that i'd be here (who'd knew that i'd be here oh oh)
so unexpectedly (so unexpectedly oh oh)
undeniablely happier (hey)
sitting with you right here, right here next to me (oh)

girl you're the..
you're the best thing i never knew i needed (said i needed oh oh)
so when you were here i had no idea
you're the best thing i never knew i needed (needed oh)
so now it's so clear i need you here always
baby baby

now it's so clear i need you here always

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sungguh irresponsible

it's been a very long time i didn't update my blog,sgguh xbertanggungjawab..dulu gatal nk wat blog... cm maleh je nk update nk wat cane kn.. tp suke bkk blog org lain..

hari2 ngadap laptop but xde tergerak hati n perasaan nk update pun...ok di waktu maghrib ini (dhla blum smayang lg,bru 7.20 hehe) ape nk cite eyh..

haaa my exam will be in 9days, n seriously xready..bcoz sy benci course yg sy ambik =) .. nk tkr course mcm dh tua let it be la.. my mom ckp hbskan jgk blaja wlaupun dh beranak n bercucu..huhu yes ma'am..

my wedding will be on the next 2months...dhla mcm2 kena buat g jawila, jaisla masjidla,wat kad kahwin lar.. so study ntah ke mana..

aktiviti trbaru konon nk diet..last2 mkn mcm org xpnh jmpa mkanan...tlgla kpd sesiapa yg ada tips diet yg cpt.. my prob is i looooovvvveeee foooodddss.. nk2 klau sdp blh bantai smpai xckup nafas nk mkn..punyala teruk perangai.. n lg satu my tunang (eyh aku ada tunang xcaye je) sukela mengspoilkan sy dgn mkanan2 yg sdap2 mintak tu mintak ni suma dpt..ble bdn dh jd cm tong drum dia jgk complaint..

so setakat ni mission nk kurus totally failed..fitting baju kawin bln 12 is 29nov.. adeyhh kalau xmuat cane? pkai baju kurung jela kawin nnt..

ok mau lg nk update lg.. tata titi tutu

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Pencurik!! Pencurik

I went back to uitm last sunday dengan perasaan yang biasa2 je but excited to meet my roomates yg suka bercerita and xsbar nk mkn kuih raya diorg huhu..

On the next day,dgn semangat berkobar-kbar
nak g klas i found out that my last year birthday present was gone!!! so saya pun brtanya kpd jiran locker saya cik baizura whether she saw my perfume anywhere.. i remembered i didn't bring it home sbb malas.. And she asked me back where i put my perfume.. I said in my locker..hmm so i thought i missplaced it sumwhere in my room, but then when bai checked her perfume, the stupid pencuri perfume also took hers.. Sgt kesian to her bcoz she just got that perfume from London few months ago.

Maybe salah kitorg jgk sbb xkunci our locker(o
ther roomates locked their locker) but still our room's locked!!! Sape yg masuk n ambik our perfumes...Semuga pencurik itu mendapat balasan yg berpatutan.. Geram btul..

my precious perfume yg gone with the wind..

my roomate punya perfume

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there's come a bride..tadadada

My wedding will be on the next 4months, which means i will get married at the age of 22 turning to 23...tapi perangai,ish3 sgtla xsesuai utk brkahwin..pemalas..suka bgn lmbt..raya thn ni jadik ketua ntuk kazen main mercun which i gave lots of idea mcm mana nk jadikkan mercun itu lg bahay
a haha..( e.g- instead of bakar 1 mercun bola,i tied 5 sumbu mercun bola together then bakar, the sound uuuuuu very intresting....mcm nk bergegar kampung haku )

Unlike other couple,i didn't choose a unique date to get married,ni sume family yg tetapkan, after lots of meeting dibuat oleh board of directors..the tribe has spoken the nikah
will be on 29 january 2010, my reception 30 jan 2010 and his reception will be on 31st Jan 2010.. straight 3 hari, mesti longgar lutut aku..

So i've bought few persiapan kahwin, tp baru beli skit2 jel
a at nilai3.. mak aku suka sgtla g tmpat ini..

place where u can buy semua brg kahwin...



i will update soon bout ma kena siap nk balik shah alam..mak dah menjerit ala2 soprano kt luar tuh...huhu renung2kan dan selamat hari raya

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counter oh counter...

when i read other's blog, i found this free counters that will count how many readers have read ur blog.. after 3weeks i started my counter,im so surprised to find that the counter showed 11,916 readers have read my blog!!!! huhu... do i have a stalker? huh2? prasan lg..

for those who have blog and wanted to have this free counters,u can do so by visit this site

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Hey hey You you !!!

As i promised, i will update my blog this week, i've b
een busy shopping, making kuih raya, beraya and unfortunately i don't get duit raya this year!!! How sedey..

It's least my dad felt sorry to his daughter and gave me duit raya.. huhu
The reason why i don't get duit raya becoz of this

this pwetty lady(prasannyer) in the picta is me.. no.. im not married, im just engaged on June 09 and will get married on 29 of January 2010

with this man he 'who must not be named' is the ultimate reason why i dont get enough duit raya.. ingat taun ni blh dpt lg huu...the end

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* peace *

it's been ages since i updated my blog.. manyak mau crita.. tp kemalasan dan kepenatan mmbuat kuih raya,xmgizinkan huhuhu.. next week la update

peace out y'all.. huhu

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kisah pak guard uitm dan aku

once upon a time.there was me who studying in uitm shah alam.. in uitm there's a banner who stated 'PELAJAR DILARANG MEMBAWA KENDERAAN'.Tapi suka hati aku la kan nk bwk ke x...

tapi sedang aku nk mengdrive ke dlm uitm...,dgn mmbaca jampi serapah dan mengangkat kad pelajar(sbb xde sticker)..aku ingat bleyla semuanya sia2 belaka ...

First day....(dialog aku n pakguard)

p.g- assalamualaikum dik

me- waalaikumussalam pakcik

p.g- adik ni selalu ke bwk kereta masuk ni..

me- xdela pakcik (sambil wat muka kesian)... selalu saya naik bas nila 1st time saya bwk (padahal dah berpuluh2 kali bwk)..

p.g- ooo.. selalu naik bas ye???

me- ye pakcik,saya nk pergi pusat kesihatan (walaupun tgah sihat
walafiat..coz thats the only reason that came out in my mind)

p.g- oo ok (sambil mengangkat tgn suruh aku jalan)


2nd day....

mcm biasa angkat lg kad kena tahan jugak..

p.g - kenapa xde sticker ni? selalu ke bawak kereta nih?

me- (dgn muka busuk mnjawab) xpenah bawak pakcik.. tp hari ni sy ada
hari pendaftarn (ni betul eyh) tapi saya terlambat, xsempat
nak naik bas(ni sgt tipu...wahahaha!!!)

p.g- (dgn muka kesian) ok jalan...

p/s- for those u want to drive to uitm,n didn't have sticker.. u
can guna my excuses...mmg sure lepas r.. tp kalau kena ngan
pak guard yg sama... nasib korangla....hehehe

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My addiction to PINK!!!! (part I)

well, i don't know how does it happened.. but suddenly most of my stuff turning to pink kaler =)

i don't know how, i don't know when n i don't know phones,my room,my clothes,my bedsheet changed to pinkish..nasib baik kucing aku x bley dikalerkan pink.. kalau x... huhuhu

for example..ececey

my pink hp...

another pink hp =)

and another one..

and..................... last but not least

pink hp case!!!! nasibla kt korunk yg xsuke pink..

well this actually juz 2% of my pink's stuff(cmne bley tau plak 2% hekhek)...others will be uploaded soon.. in my addiction to PINK!!! (part 2)

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orang nak memblog aku pun nak memblog gak..


the date tiba2 aku rasa nk mengblog.. before this i read lots of blogs.. 5-6blogs (bley kira lots ke??) aku pun rsa cm best je blogging nih, so i started to create my blog account yesterday but xtau nk letak title hape... kwnku yg brnama suk memberi idea yg xbrape nk bernas which is 'kesengalan hidupku'..

pikir punye pikir...

aku pun letakla bubblycious.. ntah ape jenis title ntah...

so tadaaaa.......

aku da ada blog wuhuuu.. cm ngox jer..

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