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New Year!!!

Today is 31st dec 2009.. only few hours the year will be changing to 2010... People will start listing their new resolutions.. But for me it's only mean 1 thing.. 29days before i'm getting married!!!!

So I can kiss goodbye to my freedom..hanging out with friends till 3 a.m at kopitiam, say goodbye to futsal (which I really2 love it), cannot cuci2 mata lg.. coz i'm going to have a husband =) , wake up early..cook..

I'm going to live with my in-law for a month or so before we move to my tunang punya rumah lama,which is not occupied or rented to anybody, it's 10 minutes to my parents house and 15 minutes to his... So senang je nk balik 'kampung' kan huhu.. Dekat ngn JJ au2,jln kaki shopping hari2..

Byk nk cerita,tp i don't know where to start.. Okla start with how does everything happened between me and my fiance'

Today, will be 6months since I'm engaged to him... And as for our relationship, it has been 8 years and 8 months...I met him at school.. we went to SMK Aminuddin Baki K.L, little that i know, we also went to the same primary school..but xpenah jumpa n kenal la.. Nasib baik tadika xsama..

I met him when I was in form 2 he was at form 4, my classmate which is also his cousin Ezlin, jumpa dia kt kantin i was there... So he said that was when he start suka saya huhu... But saya xrasa pape pun...Fastforward, dia selalu tunggu balik sekali, sbb rmh dekat, but I don't really like to be friend with boys.. So I will lari xnk balik skali..So kwn jela, he like to ejek my ketinggian yg xbrape tinggi,n ejek mcm2 lgla.. So manala nk tau dia suka kita kn..

So there was 1 time, blk dr skolah, he confessed that he likes me..terkezut beruk sy dibuatnya.. n he asked for my comment.. i answered.. "suka hati la ,nak suka, suka jela" xtau nk jwb apa.. so mlm tu he called n asked to be as a couple.. xtau nk jwb hape.. sbb honestly i don't really have feelings for him (at that time lor).. but I accept him sbb kesian n xtau nk tolak..The date is 28 April 2001 at 11.45 p.m.. ni dia yg ingat.. i dont remember anything hehe...

The 1st year of our relationship sgt2 teruk...semua sbb sy la.. Almost every day mintak break,slh skit je break, dia ajak kluar n i dont want to go, sy mintak break...Xtaula nape.. but i start to like him,getting jealous n everything.. He almost gave up with me (thank god he didn't)..

So mcm tula, he went to matrik penang when im in form 4 and continue his study in medicine at UKM.. He always been a golden boy.. straight A's student from upsr till spm.. 4flat in matrix n one of the best student among his coursemate.. but me?? huhu nothing to be proud of, always been an introvert person.. Now he's working at Hospital Selayang.. Decided to get engaged and married.. he's working so stabil la skit kn.. I'm still studying..

People will be like terkejut when i told them how long we've been together and asked for the tips.. It's nothing seriously, just u have to be honest, loyal, still have feelings to your partner ( for sure).. and for us.. we called each other everyday, knew where he or i go..n etc

That's all about it.. I'm looking forward to my married life.. Pray for the best,and may our marriage last- till death do as apart..

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<3 messy all year round =) said...

babe, i dunno why, but i did have tears at the corner of my eyes. i'm happy for u sayang!!! i'm sorry i can't be there with u on ur memorable day gonna be.. i know i had made a promise before, but i'm sure u understand, ain't u?? hope that u are in a peace of mind and in a bliss of your time now being single ladies. i'm happy for u, u found ur knight shining amour and i know u will be happy with him. insyaALLAH~ i love u darling

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