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this post is dedicated to some of the nurses yg kerja kt Hospital Selayang okkay...but 'some' not all....even i knew they won't read this

Mgapakah anda2 sume perlu sibuk nk tau yg my husband dh kawin ke blum??? Sgt xpuas hati okkayy..Kalau blum kawin pun nape?? Nk try ngorat kah?? Nasib baikla ada 1 of my hubby's friend yg tlg clear evrything out that my hubby's taken..Nape xtanya psl doktor lelaki lain kt situ dh kawin ke blum???

Hishh...dugaan btul la bila balik2 je my hasben cite ade nurse ni lambai n say hai dgn flirticious nye, ade yg blikan makanan for him,ade nurse yg tgk dia tdo kt on-call room,ehh tgh type ni tibe2 plak encik hasben call mcm tau2 plak tgh cite psl dia...

hmm bkn nurse je,student medic pun ade jgk...yg minat2la, yg pndg2 laki aku tym tgh wat keje..dugaan-dugaan, handsome sgt ke my hubby kt mata diorg?? kt mata isteri dia mmgla kn,me,sejak tgk grey's anatomy season 1 dulu mcm rasa sume doctor laki pun hensem dgn white coat nye,lagi2 mcm derek shepherd tu,huhu..ble tgk laki sndiri plak pakai white coat,my dream come true la plak kn..

hopefully xde lgla yg mggatal lpas ni ...bersabar ajela, nnt ade jgk la saya pergi meng apply keje kt situ,nk apply keje ape?? cleaner?? tkg masak?? hee xdela smpai mcm tu kn..


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In wawz

work vs study

as u guys knew, i'm still studying n my hubby is working... there are few pro n cons when u get into this situation... the pro will be,i'm home when i didn't have class that day, waiting for him to come home n can cook for him...

the cons will be..hmm even though it doesn't happen everyday,but it happened.. dlm smggu my hubby will hv to go for oncall 2times , which require him to work for 36 hrs, from 7am today until 7pm tomorrow.. like today he just finished his on call n was freakingly tired bcause he just got some sleep for less than 1 hr at 2am.. unfortunately i got class today till 9.30 pm.. usually he will fetched me after class...but sgt kesian kt dia yg xdpt tdo cukup n kena plak ambik wife dia ni...

i told him,klau xlarat xpe..bley naik lrt..but he refused n insisted that he will fetch me sbb dia risau kselamatan sy (my college located in the middle of petaling street ,i went there because the lecturer was recommended by my friend)... dh dia insist i cant say anything laa... dh hbs class i go straight away to the car where he usually wait for me...n found that he's asleep dlm kete...ksiannya.dia bru smpai dlm 2 minutes n dh tired he was..

so i drove the car back home...smpai2 rmh trus dia collapse(tido) after a little chit-chatting..
b4 kawin after on call he will stay at his hostel n tdo trus..but after getting married he hv to do his responsibility even how hard it is...

tq syg for ur sacrifices ..i promise to be a good u always n forever honey..

(he's beside me at the living hall sleeping, xnk tdo dlm blk because i said nk study skit for my exam,n he want to teman me..hmm sedey plak tbe2 dhla kt tv tgh cite psl din beramboi sighhhh)

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