Up until today I still have no idea what my baby gender is. That means no shopping for my 2nd baby just yet.. Paham x stress dia mcm mana. Like u saw so many cute clothes for baby in instagram from online seller but u have to restrained yourself sbb xtau jantina anak..

Dah masuk 25 weeks,6 bulan lbh tp still xtau lg jantina.. Oh my,Iman dulu 19 weeks ok he showed his private part huu..

Ada la my family suruh beli kaler neutral yg dua2 boleh pakai.. But xboleh jgk.. sbb kalau baby boy. I want it made for baby boy. Mcm ni ke..

And if it's baby girl I want it to be exclusively for baby girl. Bunga2,pink2 ropol .Like this

So while waiting for my baby to finally show dia punya gender..All I can do is bersabor sesabor sabornye.. 
4 times ok,4 times tried to confirmed the gender,all attempt failed . Tp masa gynae tu scan last week dia mcm bg hint,but still xsure so dia ckp beli yg neutral je dulu... Adudududu..

Mlm ni klau klinik aunty my husband xramai,nak ajak my husband pegi scan kejap.. walaupun dia postcall.. dgn harapan dptla nmpk .. Aminnnnnnnnn

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