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i'm flying without wings......

since dduk rumah and xtau nk watpe rajin plak la nak update blog ni....sajer cerita psl diri sendiri huhu, tp bila tau org baca..malula plak kan =p

today's title is berkaitan dgn diri sy jugerk...which is i never been in a flight/aeroplane/boeing/firefly or ape2 yg bley terbang di udara before!!!!... Maybe xde pape pown..but it such big thing for me...even my nenek pun dh naik flight,pergi makkah huhu..kalau xnaik flight nk naik ape plak kn... the rest of family pun da naik...

why i never been in a flight before??? hmm sebab..klau about study-skolah kt kl..matriks skjap kt melaka, then uitm shah alam..required naik flight ke?? haihh, then both of my kampung dktla negeri 3jam smpai..nk naik flight pun xkn nk naik dr subang turun klia kn.. still xsmpai lg pun...and... my family not really into vacation trips jauh2.. xtaula nape.. n bila g vacation dgn kwn2 we prefer to go there either driving or by bus...klau naik flight trun airport sape plak nk jmput kn..n obviously never been to other countries or sabah n pathetic...

oooh..ooooh.. ada 1 day ni..punyala rasa nk naik flight smpai terbawak2 dlm the dream was like this.. I'm going somewhere which will need me to go by plane.. So mcm biasala g airport,check in and everything ... (based on friends stories on what u need to do before boarding =) )...bla..bla..bla.. ok it's time to get inside the flight.. masukla flight tu..duduk economy je..then kapal terbang pun bergerak...gerak n gerak n gerak but pelik nape xnaik2 ke udara... tggu jela.. bila pandang luar rupanya kt highway!!!! mcm naik bas je!!!! Dlm mimpi pun xdpt naik flight ke?? waa... obviously sbb xde experience naik flight,so xkluarla dlm mimpi.. huuu

bila cite kt org lain semua gelak cm hape je... diorg recommend ikut one of my friend balik sabah..beli tiket balik hari yg sama.dh smpai airport sabah patah blk... rasa kalau tgh gila bley buat kot =)

tapiiiiii....kannnn.... my dream will about to come true.... sebab.. i'm going to honeymoon/vacation to pulau tioman!!!.. i yg arranged everything, so i want to go to any island in Malaysia sbb my future hubby xley kluar Malaysia bcoz of his work...N i want to go there by flight..Langkawi bosan..pangkor xcantik n... i chose tioman.. Naik berjaya punya flight from subang straight to that island.. Ada 1 airport kecik kt pulau tioman tuh...anybody interested u can check it out at

tioman island

I took the romantic escapes package..cheyyy... that includes

1. Specially decorated room upon arrival

2. return ticket subang-tioman-subang

3. 60 minutes aromatherapy massage - for 2 ( i will take both sbb xkn nk bg my laki diurut oleh prmpuan lain kn? no no no...n dia xnk pun, kot)

4. 1 romantic dinner - for 2

5. Fruit basket with chocolates

we will stay there for 4days 3nights...Honestly i'm more excited to go to this trip rather than my own wedding...huhu no naughty thought okkay... it's just because i will get to be in a flight at last for real!!! heee...mcm kanak2 blum akil baligh jer isk.. whatever.. i loike...

berjaya-air flight

landasan kecik kt tioman island

so...wish me luck =)

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