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Since i got the two precious little kitties, and since I love to shop, why not I buy few things for them...Not few I think...

I have them for almost a month, and spent more than half of my allowances just to buy their needs.. Like the best cat foods..I bought Royal Canin Persian kitten 32 (Whiskas and Friskies are bad for cat,as they contain the highest percentage of salt,which can make their fur falls,rough skin and etc) and Avoderm (that contain Avocados and really good for their skin and coat)

and for the carrier, I have to buy it because i need to bring them to vet for their vaccination and dewormed.

got this HUGE cage,sbb no choice dh kat kedai tu,the size of this carrier can fit more than 10 kittens I think..huhu

And as for their accessories, i got these!!!

blue for baby boy Percy

pink for baby girl Miley

but when I want to try on them,tiba-tiba.....

longgarla Percy yg try nk cabut collar tu and tersangkut kat tangan,dah Percy pun mcm ni,Miley pulak??????

dah jadi tali pinggangla plak....sighhhh...kena tunggu besar sikitla

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