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Lepas wat post b4 ni, aku tryla search psl kucing ade ke yg overdue....Pastu jumpa ni

What To Do When My Cat Is Overdue?

My cat got pregnant in the beginning of September, and has still not had her babies. She's over 70 days pregnant, and I'm beginning to become concerned. Her belly is massive, her nipples have been releasing milk for about a week, she's been nesting for a week, but no symptoms no nothing.... She's way overdue, and the kittens aren't moving as much, it's so tight for them...

Is there anything I should do, anyway I should induce her labor??? I need help. I don't want stillborn kittens. She had her first batch of kittens in April and she had her kittens at 62 days pregnant, 6 healthy kittens.. Please get back to me asap... Thank you.

As the whole cat gestation period may be as long as 69 days, I would strongly recommend going to the vet asap. It might be necessary to induce her labor urgently. Only during the examination can be determined how serious and threatening the situation is for the kittens and their mom.

Wah!! Kucing pun ade overdue n kena induce.... Hebat okay, So pencinta info utk korg... nk bwk Miley next weekla.... huuu

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